I’m a proud 40-year Pasadena resident, dedicated City Commissioner, longtime public and community servant, and a public school district administrator running for Pasadena City Council, District 2 because we need RESULTS OVER RHETORIC.

Together, we can create a S.A.F.E.R. Pasadena.

As a victim of a drive-by shooting that nearly ended my life, I understand the value of neighborhood safety. Our City Council can work hand-in-hand with our law enforcement and public safety agencies to tackle crime and get residents prepared and ready for emergencies.

For too long, city government has been out of touch with our needs. The good citizens of Pasadena often find that they simply do not have access to resources they rightfully deserve. We must make sure City Hall is accessible and accountable so that government works for you.


The homeless crisis and the rising cost of living has put the need for affordable housing and better jobs at the forefront of public discussion. To reverse the trend, we must keep our local businesses from shutting their doors and find constructive and realistic ways to increase affordable housing.


As a product of Pasadena’s public schools, I am shocked by the current wave of school closures impacting our city. As a professional public school administrator, I understand the challenges PUSD faces and will be an advocate for our parents, teachers and staff.


The success of the corridor of small businesses on Washington Blvd. has revitalized our district. We need to continue to promote responsible development that will promote local economic growth without endangering the vibrant character of our neighborhoods.


On March 3, 2020, let’s elect a representative will work tirelessly to pursue and champion our needs and interests.


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